We open the doors tomorrow!!

Here we are.

The doors open tomorrow.

Last night we put art on the wall, stocked the fridge and checked the temperature, filled our cabinets, arranged furniture, cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more. We ate, we drank, we toasted to our progress and to our vision. We reflected on how far we have come in such a short time and we choked down that lump in our throat to shed a tear.

I recently attended a workshop in which we were supposed to sum up our business as if it were a “Twitter” headline. Meaning, if you were to have a split second to shake someone’s hand and introduce your business, what would you say in only one breath? Basically a one liner; the opening act to an elevator pitch. You know...if you were stuck in an elevator with someone for a short ride up a few floors, what would you say to make them remember you even after they stepped out and you stayed in? I didn’t like this exercise. It made me uncomfortable. Not really uncomfortable I guess…that may be the wrong word. Unsettled? Some sort of disarray? Realistically it’s probably more like a vexation. For some reason, it irritated me.

It’s like being asked to sum up your child in a sentence. There’s just no way.

As my mind filled with words I wanted to pour onto the page like and overflowing cup of coffee, under the title “THE UNION KNOT” I somehow found my pencil writing the words “bringing out the special moments in life”. I thought it summed up what we do perfectly. It seemed to bring down and anchor all the words in my head about being in the very heart of one of the most precious, unforgettable moments of a complete strangers life. If this was school and I was being graded, I probably would have got a “D” because, even though I showed up and was participating, I somehow missed the mark according to my teacher (uhhhh, I mean the presenter). The room was left confused and still wondering what is is that we do. It wasn’t descriptive enough I guess. But you know what? Here’s a little tid bit about me: That IS me!! I am that girl who, while in the elevator, I actually say that “one liner” that’s a little blurry. The one that has you confused. And while I’m shaking your hand and looking you straight in the eyes, I flash that smirky little smile that makes you remember me. Even if you can’t remember what is is that I said I do, you remember ME. Guaranteed that when someone starts talking about getting married or about finding a salon to host a class, your subconscious will remember that girl in the elevator and say “you know...I think I may know someone…” Now, don’t get me wrong here; I’m not sitting on my high horse saying that I’m an amazingly unforgettable rock star and I’m the best in all the land. No. Not by a long shot. What I AM saying is simply this: there are some things in life that you will come across that are more than what meets the eye. The socks with a mission, the shoes with purpose, the toothbrush with an objective, the jewelry with a passion. The socks may be just ok but you buy them to help the homeless and the people who are pounding the street to make a difference. The jewelry may not be super fancy or your typical style but you buy it supporting the lady who walks the sideline of the ocean every single day,  picking up trash by the truck full and turning it into something beautiful. Ask those people for a “Twitter line”.

As we open the doors, remember these things:


We are the people behind the name.

The ones who are behind the awkward,  questionable one liner.

We are the people who are “bringing out the special moments in life”.

We are The Union Knot.


We keep saying "spring"

Some days I think to myself "the next person to ask me one more time when we are going to open upstairs...I swear!! I may just calmly put down my tools, walk out the front door, get in my car and go home." You know that feeling? The feeling of excitement and anticipation but yet pure and utter frustration and panic? Its like being pregnant and having people who keep approaching you in the END of your 9th month..."awwww, just look at YOU! You look like your ready to have a baby!! When is your due date? How far along are you? Do you know what your having? You look miserable. Oh honey. How ya doin?" Or the all time kicker: "OMG, your STILL pregnant?!" Ya...starting a business is kinda the same. Matter of fact, no joke, I keep referring to this as our "business baby". Its like: you plan for this and think to yourselves "YESSS!! This is a great idea! We can make this work. I want this so bad! It's gonna be absolutely amazing and I can't wait. Yes!! Lets do this!!" Then as your coming toward the end it's like "well...uh...here we are...we can't just take it back...but are we sure we're ready for this?...I mean, Im excited and all but YIKES...here we are...uh...uh...yikes...well...I guess...um...sure...here we go..." LOL. Yep. "Business Baby" And yes, it's the end of the 9th month (figuratively) and, as construction is rounding the finish line, we are standing in the midst of what will soon be perfection. The vision is unfolding and it's absolutely breathtaking. So to answer all those questions we ask ourselves in the end of the 9th month: Yes, here we go. Yes, we are ready. Yes, we are excited. Yes. Yes. Just yes. 

Perfection takes time. We are not in a rush to simply  just "get this up and running". We have a very clear vision of how we want The Union Knot to look, to feel...to simply "be". That's something we are not willing to compromise on. Personally, I have been saying that upstairs will be opening in the spring. I like using that as a date because its not an actual date. (or maybe because Im a wee bit sarcastic and it's what saves me from putting down my tools and driving home) Spring can be March but it can also be the end of June. So until the final hour, when that water breaks and it's "go time", we are moving forward with our eyes focused, head held high, one foot in front of the other. We will get there. Until then, when asked when our baby is due, the answer you will get is: