Summer is coming...

Summer comes to us late, here on the coast. We are still in full swing of “spring” but summer is definitely on the horizon.  All the flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is (kinda) making its appearance and soon the smells of cold damp mist of the sea will change to fresh cut grass and sunscreen. I love this time of year! People become happy and blissful.

We have a tendency, here on the coast of the great Pacific Northwest, to become crazy raving lunatics in the winter. Maybe it’s the lack of vitamin D, maybe it’s the endorphins and the nestalgia of all the summer smells have disappeared, maybe it’s because we can’t go outside without becoming soaking wet from head to toe. Regardless...we get kinda excited for summer. At least I do. It might have to do with the warmth (I’m ALWAYS cold!!). Or maybe it’s the smells: even though I was anointed with the lovely gift of seasonal allergies at birth,I absolutely bask in the smells of summer. My love for summer here on the coast could also be due to the fact that my hair will stay (somewhat) put and that good ol’ mother nature doesn’t feel the need to wash the makeup right off my face OR it could just be the simple fact that we start to see people. Real life people. Now, yes, these are the same “real life” people who make us roll our eyes and sigh. The same “real life people” that fill our lives with very fun stories to be remembered till the end of time. They are the same “real life people” that we see every June, July, August and September. But you know what? As much as we may grumble about “tourists” it’s my belief that we secretly love them. Do we get annoyed hearing, multiple times a day, such things as: “Where’s the beach?” and “Why can’t I get any cell service here!!”  “Where’s the gas station?” “Do you have a bathroom I could use?” “Where’s Haystack Rock?” Sure, we get tired of hearing that...absolutely! But we also appreciate hearing the little things such as “Your town is just so cute!” “Omg, you guys have the BEST beach!” “You’re so lucky you get to live here. I wish I could stay here forever.” “Thank you so much!” By the end of summer we are happy the tourist’s have gone home but it’s a double edge sword: yes, summer ending allows us to sit down for more than just a hot second and actually take a breathe, but it also means that for the next six months (give or take) we are all stuck with nothing but each other. Let me tell ya...there’s not that many of us here. (((insert eye roll followed by sideways cheeky grin))) those flowers are adding color all around town, the birds are chirping like crazy, the air is buzzing with leaf blowers and lawn mowers, windows are open and people are sitting outside on the deck of the restaurants...we, here on the coast, are putting on our big girl/boy pants. Spring break is officially over and Memorial weekend is just around the corner which means one thing: tourist season is upon us.



Bring it! We’re ready.



Summer here we come...


We keep saying "spring"

Some days I think to myself "the next person to ask me one more time when we are going to open upstairs...I swear!! I may just calmly put down my tools, walk out the front door, get in my car and go home." You know that feeling? The feeling of excitement and anticipation but yet pure and utter frustration and panic? Its like being pregnant and having people who keep approaching you in the END of your 9th month..."awwww, just look at YOU! You look like your ready to have a baby!! When is your due date? How far along are you? Do you know what your having? You look miserable. Oh honey. How ya doin?" Or the all time kicker: "OMG, your STILL pregnant?!" Ya...starting a business is kinda the same. Matter of fact, no joke, I keep referring to this as our "business baby". Its like: you plan for this and think to yourselves "YESSS!! This is a great idea! We can make this work. I want this so bad! It's gonna be absolutely amazing and I can't wait. Yes!! Lets do this!!" Then as your coming toward the end it's like " we are...we can't just take it back...but are we sure we're ready for this?...I mean, Im excited and all but we are...uh...uh...yikes...well...I we go..." LOL. Yep. "Business Baby" And yes, it's the end of the 9th month (figuratively) and, as construction is rounding the finish line, we are standing in the midst of what will soon be perfection. The vision is unfolding and it's absolutely breathtaking. So to answer all those questions we ask ourselves in the end of the 9th month: Yes, here we go. Yes, we are ready. Yes, we are excited. Yes. Yes. Just yes. 

Perfection takes time. We are not in a rush to simply  just "get this up and running". We have a very clear vision of how we want The Union Knot to look, to simply "be". That's something we are not willing to compromise on. Personally, I have been saying that upstairs will be opening in the spring. I like using that as a date because its not an actual date. (or maybe because Im a wee bit sarcastic and it's what saves me from putting down my tools and driving home) Spring can be March but it can also be the end of June. So until the final hour, when that water breaks and it's "go time", we are moving forward with our eyes focused, head held high, one foot in front of the other. We will get there. Until then, when asked when our baby is due, the answer you will get is: